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Juju Handicrafts is an Export Oriented firm established to design/collect Nepalese Handicrafts, supporting the centuries old traditional method. Though its involvement in international Handicraft business has been more than three and half decade, Juju Handicrafts officially(Company registration) started its international approach since August 2001. Juju Handicrafts specializes mainly in Metal Statues and Silver jewellery Merchandise.


Our professional services are designed as per client’s demand and taste. We guarantee a best product at an affordable price. The Firm is continuingly emphasizing towards promoting genuine artists, preserving traditional method and recognizing the Nepalese traditional art in International Handicraft Arena.


The Firm delivers a large variety of Metal Statues and Silver jewelry. Besides it also deals on Thangka paintings and wooden crafts.



With an experience of three and a half decade, Juju Handicrafts knows choice of a customer. It has more than a dozen of artists especially for designing metal statue and silver jewelry. The artists have experience of more than 10 years to 25 years. The Metal statues and silver jewelry are mostly designed in Newari, Tibetan and Mongolian styles.


The Firm concentrates upon Quality rather than Quantity. The products are of High Class and lifetime guaranteed. There has been no complaints since commence of the business. The firm has clients mainly from Europe, Asia and United States of America. The Firm provides Home Delivery services with competitive charges through recognized Cargo Companies.


While the roots of our experience lie in working with clients from different parts of the world, we differentiate ourselves through:




   Our senior Artists are more experienced and creative.


   Our service extends from business strategy to implementation; rather than just selling Merchandise, we provide various Best Buy offers and gifts to our clients.


   We work closely with our clients, involving them in the decision process, understanding their real need.


   We accept orders both large and small scales; we flex our capacity to suit our clients’ needs.







Workshop of Juju Handicraft Team:

 1. Warming the wax mixture


2. Senior artist sculpting the wax mixture using the versatile tool made of Buffalo Horn1510107918202589.jpg


3. Completed wax mold of Tara statue ready for casting mold.


4. Layers of clay applied around the wax Kigure for casting mold.


5. Clay mold dried in the sun


6. Wax removed from the mold by heat.


7. Empty mold is baked and hot molten metal poured in to the mold.1510108891729190.jpg

8. Mold is broken and rough cleaned copper statue (front)


9. Metal Figure is Kinished with Kiles, chisels and sandpaper


10. Engraving completed statue of Tara


10. Gold smith applying the gold mixture on the statue


11. Driving out the mercury from gold mixture by the heatjuju12.jpg

12. Complete statue after gold plating1510109924636270.jpg