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NDCC is an association which promotes development of cultural-tourism-business relations and international cooperation through various projects. The most important one is: ''Adriatic Pearl Dubrovnik''. It represents international cooperation in the field of culture, sport, tourism and business. It includes dance competition of participants from the whole world in Latin-American, ballroom, smooth and rhythm dances. Besides professional dance competitors, it includes also PRO-AM divisions (professionals and amateurs). This category is extremely interesting both for tourism and business aspect (a large number of business people who decide to take dance activities competing with their dance instructors. The whole project is intended to be organised every year as a prestigious and gala event in Dubrovnik, famous city of Croatia which is under classified under the world’s cultural heritage. The 1st Adriatic Pearl Dubrovnik was held from 21st to 24th September 2017 in Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel where we also had, among others, the world’s champions in latin dances. Our aim is to organise this event every year in Dubrovnik, to attract more participants (dancers and business people) from all over the world, to find partners which would potentially be included in this organisation, and to make this project/event in Dubrovnik highly recognisable in the whole world. More information on: