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Company Name:

Sinclair Delicious


Company Profile:

Sinclair Delicious products began their journey 70 years ago. My father, a butcher, started Sinclair Foods in 1947. The meat business went well, and he gradually introduced complementary products into the shop. Created with care and love in an Australian family kitchen, the recipes were genuine and reflected the passion of a woman dedicated to texture and taste. My mother.

I took over the business in 2004. The jams and sauces were too good to give up on. So I have revived my mother’s recipes, and added some others.

I’m very happy to be able to present my mother’s products again, along with those delicious additions of my own, to an even wider audience. Piquant and flavoursome, each complements a variety of dishes, savoury and sweet – fish, meat, vegetables, pasta, puddings; you are limited only by your own imagination.  Our honey is obtained from Australia’s finest hives and bees.  Our olive oil comes from our own olive groves, which we purchased five years ago. Situated in the upper Murray region of Cobram, Victoria, an area synonymous with fine wine and food production, our olives are pressed in under four hours of harvesting, then stored in oxygen-free stainless steel tanks prior to bottling, eliminating the potential for contamination.

Excellence in all things is our mission.

Sinclair Foods offers its products with pride; please enjoy them with pleasure.


Sinclair Delicious已有70年的历史。1947年,Sinclair先生开创了Sinclair Delicious品牌,他的猪肉生意非常成功,便逐步引进一系列互补商品。于是,他的夫人将自制的不同口味的酸黄瓜和果酱摆上架。2004年,创始人的儿子John Sinclair接管了Sinclair Delicious,在母亲配方的基础上,结合自创产品,一起推向了市场。

Sinclair Delicious 的蜂蜜采自于最好的蜂巢及蜜蜂。橄榄油采自自家种植的橄榄树,在采摘后四小时内进行压榨,并储存于无氧不锈钢油箱中,彻底消除了污染的可能性。

凡事精益求精是Sinclair Delicious的使命。


All our products are:

gluten-freefree of artificial preservativesmade from absolutely fresh ingredientscooked in small batchesslowly simmered for maximum flavourproudly Australian-made


Sinclair Delicious的产品:








2016 award winner at:

Royal Easter Show, SydneySydney Fine Food Show, Darling HarbourHunter Valley Food and Wine Festival      (runner up)







Product Name:

1.Australian Natural Honey 澳大利亚纯天然蜂蜜

2.Chilli Onion Jam 洋葱辣椒酱

3.French Onion Marmalade 法式洋葱果酱

4.New Orleans Creole Sauce 新奥尔良克里奥酱

5.Extra Virgin Olive Oil 特级初榨橄榄油

6.Texas Smoky Sauce 德克萨斯烟熏酱


Product Introduction:

1.Australian Natural Honey



2.Chilli Onion Jam

A tangy chilli onion jam fresh from a Chilean cantina. Spice up lamb chops, steak or hand-cut chips. Great with vintage cheddar cheese and crackers or with camembert on toasted sourdough bread. Create a unique dip by adding sour cream or yogurt.



3.French Onion Marmalade

A tradition of the French bistros in the 1950s, our delicious French onion marmalade adds a zesty hint to any snack. Try it with camembert and crackers, crusty baguettes and goat’s cheese or barbecued meat and sausages.



4.New Orleans Creole Sauce

Give your dishes real soul food flavor! Great with beef, chicken and seafood.



5.Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The perfect Extra Virgin Olive Oil bringing you the pick of the crop. Fresh and flavorsome, straight from our Australia olive groves.



6.Texas Smoky Sauce

An authentic smoky wood flavor. Great for BBQ’s, steak and chops!